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Metal Processing

Metal Processing: The Cornerstone of Industry

Metal processing is the shaping and working of metals from raw materials to finished products. This process forms the foundation of many industries and is continuously being updated with technological advancements. At CMS Cihan Makine, we aim to provide our customers with high quality and efficiency through our solutions in the metal processing sector.

What is Metal Processing?

Metal processing involves making raw metal ready for use through various methods. These methods include cutting, bending, drilling, welding, casting, and machining. Each process uses specific techniques to give the metal the desired form and properties.

The Importance of Metal Processing

Metal processing is crucial in many sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and electronics. A large portion of the parts used in these industries undergo metal processing. It allows the production of durable and high-performance parts, ensuring the precision and reliability required by the industry.

CMS Cihan Makine's Metal Processing Services

At CMS Cihan Makine, we offer a wide range of metal processing services. By providing tailored solutions to meet our customers' needs, we help them complete their projects on time and within budget. Our main services include:

  • CNC Machining: With our CNC machines, we offer high-precision machining services for the production of precise and complex parts.
  • Welding and Assembly: Our professional welding and assembly services enhance the durability and reliability of metal structures.
  • Laser Cutting: Our laser cutting technology ensures metals are cut quickly and precisely.
  • Surface Treatment: We apply various surface treatment techniques to protect metal surfaces and give them an aesthetic appearance.

Quality and Innovation

We place great importance on quality in our metal processing procedures. By implementing meticulous quality control processes at every stage of production, we provide our customers with services of the highest standards. Additionally, we closely follow industry innovations and integrate the latest technologies and techniques into our processes.

Metal processing is the backbone of modern industry, and we at CMS Cihan Makine take pride in being a specialized company in this field. With the customized solutions we offer to meet our customers' needs, we continue to be a reliable partner in their industrial projects. For more information about our metal processing services and to consult us for your projects, please contact us.

CMS Cihan Makine continues to make a difference in the industry with its expertise in metal processing and customer-oriented approach.

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